Incubator social enterprises

Social Enterprise Incubator

Training provides skill and security much like when we are children and train ourselves for adulthood, by “playing” shop or explorers or other roles that belong to everyday life. Through our incubator, we want to create insight and security to inspire social enterprise. Here you will have the chance to practically test, in a real work situation, in the form of a potential development project under supervision and feel if you want to become an entrepreneur and if social entrepreneurship suits you.

We open up the possibility of designing ideas both practically and theoretically through supervision and to find partners who are interested in working in a social enterprise.

In order to then realize your ideas, one step later in the process may be to get advice from eg. Coompanion or other actor.

We ourselves are a social company and examples of our work as an incubator is the dog day care center Hunddrivet in Trollhättan. Which was started as a dog breed under our roof, with the opportunity and goal to develop and be spun off into an own social enterprise in the form of a dog day care.

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