Career planning & Work Life Orientation

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Our team with its broad competence works professionally, process-oriented and solution-focused in the meeting with the individual/participant. With us you will meet a team with broad, solid competence, high availability, personal interest.  We offer both practical upskilling in professional skills and personal development to be strengthened as an individual around self-image and self-confidence. We work according to scientific and structured working methods that are based on theories of salutogenic approaches.                                                                                                                                                               

A value-based and salutogenic approach at work is primarily about how, from a salutogenic approach, one can work to strengthen the individual’s sense of context and meaning. We therefore focus on the factors and causes that provide well-being and affect health in a positive direction. We do this by working actively based on concrete methods, so that the participants will be involved and take part in meaningful activities and tasks. So that the participant’s sense of context (kasam) is strengthened.                                                                                                                            

Depending on the individual’s needs, there is an opportunity to work with both practical and theoretical elements focused on working life and the labour market.


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Work orientation

The basic service offers work orientation and work training in a real production environment, with customer contacts. Where supervisors are available at each work unit, which introduces the participant and provides relevant support.


By being in a context with colleagues and a real work situation, it creates:

  • Structure in everyday life
  • Meaningfulness
  • Reference
  • A starting point from work
  • Get fresh references in your CVs

You can orient yourself in one or more professions. Based on experience and evaluation, we have seen that the individual’s self-image and self-confidence is strengthened, through meaningful tasks in a real work environment. You will also get a frame of reference, which gives an up-to-date picture of expectations and demands in the labour market and how to build on their employability, to get closer to work.

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Career planning

What are your preferences – interests – resources? If you want to find out, we can offer in-depth guidance in groups and individually. You immerse yourself in how you use your resources and skills.

It will provide a broader perspective on the labour market. We work with well-founded methods and tools for career planning and career guidance that give a good picture of how own interests and abilities can lead further in their careers or be translated into a wise career choice and new opportunities.

The services are procured by private or public activities. For more info contact Christina Södergren Nilsson +46 520 66 38 34