We are Work Inwest Center


Together we create jobs & invest in man

In January 2020, the Work Inwest Center was started by five partners.
Together we have a broad competence, solid professional skills and we are a bit of a thousand artists.
Our common driving force is to be at the forefront developing, a company that makes a difference for the individual, society and and business.
We have a strong belief in innovative ways of working and working methods.
With our work-integrating social enterprise, we contribute together with other social enterprises to broaden the labour market.

Our team

Team's combined track record

  • Mixed educational background and professional experience in areas such as behavioural science, social pedagogy, restaurant and catering, industrial engineering, mechanics, economics, management and entrepreneurship.
  • Special focus on work-oriented rehabilitation and experience of working according to the individual’s needs and with adaptation of the work situation
  • Many years of experience and training with focus on labour market, coaching and guidance.
  • Applies proven methods in the individual conversation and individual’s planning
  • Experience of working qualitatively and individually based
  • Good supervisor skills
Christina Södergren Nilsson

Christina Södergren-Nilsson

Business developer, management, process manager, finance and agreement

Anders Hagström​

Anders Hagström

Responsible for bike shop and bike workshop, purchasing and quality manager

Ghassan Zammata

Ghassan Zammata

Head of kitchen and supervisor

Murad Zawateieh

Murad Zawateieh

Bicycle mechanic

Fatima Asanovic​

Fatima Asanovic

Cleaning & property service

Hajrije Sahiti

Hajrije Sahiti

Cleaning & property service

Shukri WIW

Shukri Axmed

Cleaning & property service

Claudia 2.0

Claudia Pettersson

Chef and supervisor kitchen

Therese Åhs

Therese Åhs​

Christina Wennerström​

Christina Wennerström​

Café assistant and cashier


Anette Andersson

Financial administrator